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Solar Heating Systems

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How Do Solar Thermal Systems Work?

Solar thermal is not as complicated as you might be thinking. These high-performance solar heating systems work by transferring solar heat from the sun to a glycol-water mixture which then heats up the water that is circulated throughout your home.

In order to have a solar thermal system operate properly in your home, you require a heat exchanger, a hot water storage tank, or a radiant heating system to help distribute the hot water throughout your home.

You can opt in to collect solar energy by placing panels on your roof, ground, or on any other surface that you think would be applicable to harvest solar power.

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Most Common Applications Of Solar Heating Systems

Although a solar heating system is an ultra-efficient solution that leverages renewable energy it is not a very popular option across homes in Calgary.

These solar PV systems can be used across residential and commercial properties. Some of the more common projects that we have set up solar hot water for would be the following:

Provide Electricity

The most common usage that solar power is known for is to provide electricity to residential and commercial buildings. Solar energy is much more beneficial to the environment due to it being produced from renewable resources and the process is significantly less harmful to the environment when compared to other sources of energy generation.

In a city like Calgary that has roughly 333 days of sunshine, that’s plenty to help you generate clean energy through your solar thermal system.

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Using Solar To Provide Hot Water

Electricity prices are on the rise. With the world now looking for alternative methods of energy production that do not harm the environment, many homeowners are switching to solar systems to provide hot water for their homes.

This type of solar water is generated through the suns energy being transferred over to a glycol-water solution which is then used to heat the “solar water” and carry it throughout your home.

Whether you need the water for a pool, shower or washing machines, this type of solar system has you covered.

Heat Your Home

Calgary has one of the coldest winters in Canada. We also have one of the sunniest winters in Canada which are great for using solar power to substitute the traditional heating system you may have in your home.

Contact us or call us if you have questions about residential solar heating systems. Our team is passionate about what we do and would love to help you with your solar thermal system.

Cool Your Home With Solar

Did you know you can use solar energy to help cool your home as well?

All of our clients who choose Northern Oasis to help with their residential solar systems are shown how a solar ventilation system can reduce the work your HVAC system needs to do by providing cooling to their home.

Substitute Your Home Lighting

Solar lighting systems can be found in nearly any department store. They are most commonly used on a much smaller scale in garden lights and security lights.

However, you can take this up a notch and use solar power to provide lighting to your whole home. This will not only save you money in the long term but also leaves a positive impact on the environment.

Heat Your Swimming Pool Or Sauna

An incredibly popular option when it comes to heating a pool or sauna is now using a residential solar or commercial solar system.

Pools and saunas require a lot of energy to provide hot water, so choosing to install a dedicated solar thermal system for your pool/sauna will help improve the efficiency and save tons on your power bill.

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