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Don’t you hate it when you get halfway through cooking your steak on the BBQ and you run out of propane? It can be pretty expensive to operate the fireplace on propane. Give us a call and we can help hook these systems up to the inexpensive natural gas piping leading to your home.

Improperly sized gas lines can cause more trouble than people think. Without a properly sized gas line, the appliance can run at low pressure. When run at low pressure an appliance can plug up with soot and produce carbon monoxide putting your family in danger.

We are properly trained to size the gas line to supply enough pressure for all the appliances in the home to run properly.

Tired of those high electricity bills from the electric water heater in the basement? Let us hook up a gas water heater and help reduce those large bills.

Always wanted that gas cooktop? We can help run gas to your stove location making hook up a breeze.

All work will be properly permitted and inspected to keep your home safe. Did you realize if you are not working with a licensed Calgary professional gasfitter you are placing your house at risk? In the event of a fire, even if it had nothing to do with the gas line, your insurance company can blame the fire on the unpermitted installation and deny your claim.

If You have a plumbing problem get in touch with our team by calling 587-777-5588 or visit our contact page to reach out!