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Drain Cleaning Services

Please note that Northern Oasis Plumbing is not actively providing any drain cleaning services.

What To Look For If You Need Drain Cleaning Services In Calgary

Here is a list of things we would look for in a Calgary drain cleaning company:

  • Help remove any blockages that may be leading to a slow or clogged drain.
  • Find a company that has multiple drain services with camera inspection if you require it. If you have a stubborn drain, finding a drain cleaning specialist can really help you remove any blockages.
  • Find an emergency plumbing company that offers drain cleaning services to your area if you have the need for an emergency repair.

If you are looking for a professional trustworthy plumbing company to help with your plumbing needs give us a call at


FAQs About Drain Cleaning

Why Doesn't Northern Oasis Provide Drain Services?

Northern Oasis Plumbing does not provide drain cleaning services to Calgary and its surrounding areas as it is not something we specialize in.

We would recommend you choose another plumbing and heating company in Calgary to help with your needs. You can call us for all your other plumbing and heating needs. We would love to work on your hot water tank, furnace or solar heating system.

If You have a plumbing problem get in touch with our team by calling 587-777-5588 or visit our contact page to reach out!