Tripping Electric Water Heater Reset Buttons: What To Do

Daniel Paul
May 5, 2022

Our hot water heaters are pretty important. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to take hot showers or wash the dishes. Even though they must constantly work hard for our families, they aren’t invincible; they succumb to everyday wear and tear. 

If your water heater reset button keeps tripping, read on to learn a few possible causes for the problem, including ways to fix the issue and keep it functioning.

Tripping Electric Water Heater Reset Buttons: What To Do

There are several reasons why your water heater reset button might be tripping. Let’s start by examining the most common along with their respective solutions.

1 - Worn-out Heating Element

Probably the most common reason that a reset button might trip is that the heating element has worn out.

The heating element is at the heart of the water heater. Without it, a water heater wouldn’t be able to heat the water, and it wouldn’t be able to do its job. A worn-out heating element will result in the water not heating as effectively as it used to. So the reset button will trip because the water temperature is too low.


This is a pretty easy fix; you just need to get a new heating element. It’s not a difficult DIY project, so you can save money by having a pro install the new element.

2 - Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat is a part of the water heater that senses when the temperature of the water is too low and needs to be adjusted.

The thermostat looks to see if the temperature is below the desired temperature, and if it is, it will open a valve to let more water into the heater. If the water was at the desired temperature or above, the thermostat would close the valve to stop the flow of water into the heater.


If the thermostat is faulty and it’s not closing the valve, it will make it seem like the valve is stuck when it’s really just being overridden. To fix this, you can simply replace the thermostat.

3 - Broken Reset Button

Maybe one of the most embarrassing things that can happen is having your hot water heater reset button trip during the middle of a shower. It’s mortifying. For some reason, it seems to always happen when you’re in the shower. If you have a reset button that is constantly beeping, you need to investigate the problem.

The biggest reason for the reset button constantly beeping is that it’s broken. If the button is broken, the button will never fully reset, so it will keep beeping.


To fix this problem, you need to buy a new reset button, and then you can install it.

Although it may be possible to make a DIY project of repairing your water heater, it is best that you call a professional if you have never attempted something like this in the past.


If your water heater reset button keeps tripping and is driving you crazy, try these three solutions to fix the problem. If all else fails, contacting a plumber or HVAC specialist will solve the problem. 

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