Concerning Things That Shouldn’t Be Dumped Down the Drain

Daniel Paul
May 26, 2022

It’s generally not advisable to leave stuff down your drain, but there are things that are more concerning than others. Because you clean so much in your sink, it’s easy to let things go down the drain. Boing so may clog your drain and perhaps create long-term damage.

It’s possible that simply rinsing it with water and flushing it down the drain will suffice. However, tossing it in the garbage is a better option. 

The following paragraphs will show why some materials mean bad news when dumped down the drain.


Grease clings to the inside of your pipes and the pipes in the street when you pour it down the drain. Over time, this can lead the entire pipe to become clogged. 

Cooking oil, salad dressings, butter, mayonnaise, and fat are all oil-based goods that should not be poured down the drain. If necessary, allow the grease to cool completely before disposing of it in the garbage.


A crushed eggshell may appear to slide down the drain effortlessly, but it causes a blockage. The sharp, rough edges of the shell will attract other items that are flushed down the drain, eventually clogging it.


Chemicals will be spilled back into your drinking water and the environment if you flush or smash your unused or expired prescription down the toilet. Always dispose of unneeded medication at your local pharmacy or police station, where medical waste disposal units are available.

Food Stickers

When people wash their fruit, they frequently neglect to remove the sticker, which falls into the sink and is finally flushed down the drain. Before you wash your fruit and properly dispose of it, peel them off. 

These small stickers do not dissolve in water and can clog pipes. They can also block screens, filters, and pumps at the water treatment facility.


Coffee grounds accumulate in your pipes, clogging them. According to plumbers, they are the most typical source of drain issues. Coffee grounds should always be disposed of in the trashcan or composted.

Cleaning Supplies

Despite the fact that most cleaning solutions are liquid, they should never be dumped down the drain due to the hazardous chemicals they contain. Many of them contain phosphates, antimicrobial agents, and other chemicals that aren’t removed at the water treatment plant and can harm the ecosystem.

Products Made of Paper

The only paper material that can be flushed down the drain is toilet paper. It was created to dissolve and break down in the water. 

Other paper items, such as paper towels, cotton balls, and feminine hygiene products, should always be thrown away. These materials are highly absorbent and will clog your pipes quickly.

Food That Can Be Expanded

It’s fine to flush some food down the drain, but a lot of it expands when combined with water, which might cause a blockage. Pasta and rice are two foods that should be avoided. 

Pasta is also prepared with flour, which becomes sticky and attracts other particles in your pipes.


Paint, like cleaning supplies, should never be poured down the drain, despite the fact that it is a liquid. It has the ability to harm the environment while also clogging your drain. Many communities have hazardous waste disposal facilities where you can properly discard old or unwanted paint. 


While a drain cleaner tool may be a quick cure, more serious difficulties would need the services of a plumber and some cash. Save yourself the trouble, and don’t flush these items down the toilet. One last thing—don’t forget to clean the sink when you’ve finished with the dishes!

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