The Telltale Signs That Your Furnace and Ducts Need TLC

Daniel Paul
June 2, 2022

Regular maintenance of your air ducts and heating system would lessen the need for emergency boiler services. This extra TLC will lengthen the life of your heater. Most importantly, it will help lower your utility bills.

Regular maintenance dramatically facilitates more straightforward repairs. This blog lists some of the most common signs that your furnace and ducts need some maintenance. It will also answer your most pressing concerns about your heater and air ducts.

How Often Should You Clean Your Furnace and Ducts

If you ask the plumbers in the area, they will have the same answer. Most furnaces require annual maintenance, while the duct needs 3-5 years. Sadly, some homeowners only clean their ducts and furnaces when they have to. There are plenty of reasons why this is not a wise decision.

One of which is that it will affect your indoor air quality. The contaminants combine with the air coming through open windows and doors. It is not hard to imagine that it is highly polluted inside the house. However, you can maintain your indoor air quality with a reliable system.

The other reason is that a dirty furnace is more likely to break down. It is not uncommon to find out that you have to replace your HVAC system. If you fail to maintain it, the system will show signs of wear and tear.    

A dust-clogged filter will significantly hamper the performance of your appliance. It can break down your furnace. If that is not enough, it may cause burnout.

Signs That You Need to Clean Them

Seasoned plumbers say that the most common reason for heating and air repair is the lack of maintenance. That is why it is essential to know a furnace's symptoms that need servicing. Here are some of them:

Dirt and Debris Buildup

A simple thing like intense dust can make a significant difference. It can cause your heating system to malfunction and break down. The accumulation of dust, dirt and other residues can reduce the performance of your heating system.

Yellow Furnace Flames

If you notice orange or yellow flames, it is time to check your furnace. The telltale flame color indicates dirty burner tubes. If it is neglected, it will cause permanent damage to your furnace.

Leaking Water

If it is not due to a blown head gasket, then it is because water is leaking into your furnace. There are two likely explanations for this: there is an issue with your water supply, or you need to replace the expansion tank. Either way, you will need professional assistance.

Furnace Blows Cold Air

A furnace that is blowing cold air shows that there is a problem with it. The heating coil might be clogged with dirt. If the coil is dirty and not cleaned, the air flow will be restricted. It will cause your heating system to overheat and shut down.


If your furnace is giving you any of these signs, it is time for a professional inspection. You will need to have your system serviced. The good news is that it does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of HVAC contractors who offer reliable services at affordable rates.

You can rely on Northern Oasis Plumbing for a boiler repair service. We can fix any of your HVAC issues any time of the day, so do not hesitate to contact us for such problems!