What Do the Common Noises Produced by Water Heaters Mean?

Daniel Paul
June 30, 2022

Water heaters are excellent additions to homes. However, like any other machine, they may experience issues that may require repairs and maintenance after quite some time. Therefore, identifying the problems and knowing exactly when they started is helpful for homeowners. Water heaters produce everyday noises which homeowners can listen to, helping them identify which issue needs resolution. Here are some of them and the solution needed to fix them.

1. Popping

Popping is a typical sound that water heaters produce after people turn on a water heating system. It results from the small amount of trapped air that remains in the water heater after it is installed.

The water might also lose pressure, making the water flow slowly or not correctly. To fix this, unplug the water heater and clean it thoroughly. If the first solution doesn't work, it's best to replace the pressure regulator immediately.

2. Sizzling

Sizzling is a result of the water flowing into the tank. A lousy thermostat or burner causes it. If this is the case, the water temperature is too high, which can damage the water heater. It may cause the water heater to be unable to heat the water properly. To stop the sizzling sound and fix the problem, adjust the thermostat and burner to make the water flow slowly.

3. Ticking

Ticking sounds are manifestations of a water heater experiencing drastic changes in pressure. There are instances where water heaters may experience fluctuation in temperature due to various environmental factors.

Therefore, to prevent the boiler from producing ticking sounds, it's best to try and keep the temperature on the same level. It also helps buy a water heater without a heat trap to ensure it doesn't produce ticking sounds now and then.

4. Humming

Humming can be a sign that the water temperature is too low. If a water heater experiences a quick temperature change, it works harder and produces a different sound. You may also hear a humming sound from your water heater if it is experiencing frequent power loss. Try to call an expert if you hear humming sounds.

5. Whistling

The whistling sound is a result of air getting into the system. It may also be due to cold air getting into the system. Additionally, the tank may be too small and may not fit the water heater, causing whistling sounds. Another possibility is that the pipes are bent and have not been attached correctly. To fix this problem, ensure the lines are connected and fit appropriately into the water heater. It also helps to turn off the water heater altogether and let it heat up slowly.

Benefits of Maintaining Water Heaters

It's never too late to start caring for your water heater. After all, it's the life of your home. Several advantages are associated with maintaining a water heater. Here are some of them:

1. Save Money on Heating

Water heaters don't come cheap. Not maintaining it may damage your water heater so badly that insurance will not cover any expenses. Thus, it's better to keep it right away to save money on expensive repairs not covered by insurance.

2. Reduce Water Heater Repairs

Improper maintenance can cause your water heater to develop mechanical problems. It may cause problems to your plumbing system and your home. To avoid these situations, call an expert as soon as you notice a problem with your water heater.


A water heater is a must in a home. However, its condition is not always perfect. As a result, it's best to stay on top of your water heater's condition by maintaining it regularly. As a result, you can ensure that your water heater continues to work at its best without causing any trouble. Apart from this, you can also save money by knowing when and where to spend it. And we all know that's one of the best benefits of caring for your water heater.

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