What You Need to Consider When Buying a New Furnace

Daniel Paul
January 6, 2022

Your furnace is supposed to last you a long time. But sometimes, it can break down, especially when repairs have been ignored for far too long. In this case, you would need to buy a new furnace to replace your broken down one. But what are the things you need to consider when buying a new furnace for your home?

Fuel Type

Different furnaces run on different types of fuel. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the furnace you buy uses the same fuel as your current furnace. You don’t want to buy a furnace that uses propane when your old furnace uses natural gas. That would be a disaster. If you’re not sure about the fuel type, you can ask your local HVAC service for more information. They’re the ones who’d know best.

Heat/Cool Combination

You also need to check if the furnace you’re buying can work both for cooling and heating. It is certainly getting common for furnaces to be able to do both. But that doesn’t mean that all furnaces have that functionality. If you have the budget for it, you should get a furnace that can do both.

Efficiency Ratings

Before you buy a furnace, make sure that you find out how efficient it is. Not all furnaces are equally efficient at delivering heat. For example, if you live in a place where the weather is cold for most of the year, you may want to get a furnace that has a high-efficiency rating. This is because it will use less energy in heating your home, which will lead to lower energy costs.

A good HVAC service will be able to provide you with information on different furnace efficiency ratings. If they are not able to, you should look for a better HVAC service.


Of course, you’d need to consider the cost of your new furnace. Buying a very expensive furnace is not a good idea because it would not save you money in the end. You can’t just buy the most expensive furnace there is. You’d have to make sure that the furnace is capable of doing what you need. 

Output Capacity

You also need to check the furnace’s output capacity. If you live in a big house, you’ll need a furnace that can keep your home warm. A furnace with high capacity can do this. But you will also need to make sure that the furnace you’re getting has the right kind of output capacity. This is because your furnace might have a high capacity rating, but it may not have a high output capacity. So you’ll need to make sure that you know what you’re doing.


After you buy your new furnace, you’ll need to have it installed. Furnace installation is easy enough, but you’ll need a good HVAC service to do it. You should look for an HVAC service that can install your furnace properly. You don’t want to have problems while your furnace is being installed. You’ll need to make sure that the installation goes well to avoid potential problems with your new furnace.

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy a new furnace for your home, you need to do your research. Your new furnace is going to be an important addition to your home. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake that you’ll regret later. So make sure that you get all the information you need before you jump into the decision of buying a new furnace.

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